Featured Dealer Series: Countyline Milling is today's featured dealer!

Farm/Feed Store Name: Countyline Milling, LLC

Contact: Mike Lewis (317) 696-8286

Location: The mill is located in Charlottesville, IN.

Farm address is: 9342 E US 40 Greenfield, IN 46140

What Lindner Products do you carry?

I carry full line of Lindner United Products as well as recently the Baseline Complete 900 Series.

What do you like about the Lindner feed program?

The knowledge and experience behind the program. Also, it is easily accessible to all my customers through the website. If they have more specific questions, then someone is always available to answer them.

What is your favorite Lindner product? Why?

The Scud products do very well. 611 and 614 are my top sellers. TNT also is a product that does well.

Tell us a little about your swine operation and dealership:

Our family has been involved in 4H for several generations. My brothers and I are the 5th generation raising the 6th generation on our family farm, Lewis Pork Farms, LLC. We have a 1000 Sow Farrow to Finish Commercial Farm and we always keep around 40 4-H specific sows. Our father, Steve, who passed away in July was the Swine Superintendent for many years at our County Fair. He always enjoyed helping young people learn the basics of raising pigs as well as his grandkids. As long as I have been alive there was only one feed truck that pulled into the drive – JBS United. When we started our new feed mill in 2006 and later learned that JBS and Lindner had put together a partnership to sell show specific swine feed. I just thought it would be a great fit. I always have a weekly delivery for the commercial feed and if I don’t have something in stock for a customer in Lindner United I can get it here pretty easy. This allows me to keep feed fresher and not try to stock too much of one item. Since starting the dealership in February of 2012 I have met a lot of new people through the feed mill door, and this gives me a chance to do what my father did-help young people learn how to raise and feed pigs.