My Internship : The Guinea Pig Trial

Here it is guys…My first EVER blog post – so bare with me…I promise they will get better throughout the course of the summer! Additionally, I’m the first EVER Lindner United Intern, and this is my first EVER summer internship, so its essentially the guinea pig trial! I started my Summer Internship with Lindner United, in Sheridan, Indiana this last Wednesday. I certainly have enjoyed my time so far and I have had the unique opportunity to meet so many great people. Real quick, some people who have made this start so pleasant. I am very thankful for the Lindner United team and how welcoming and supportive that they have been in getting me set up and rolling and CANNOT wait too experience the knowledge and relationships that can be made over the next two months. To my Family. Thank you to my dad and mom, Tim and Annette and my brother, Cody. You guys have always pushed me to my maximum potential and given me the encouragement and tools needed to be successful. To the Newell Family; you have taken me in at your home for the summer – just like one of your own and I have truly enjoyed my time with you! I also want to thank all the friends, family, and mentors who have supported me over the years…you’ve all made me who I am today and words will never be enough, to truly show my gratitude.

Over my first two weeks, I have had the incredible opportunity to meet with some great industry leaders and professionals at JBS United. I have been given the chances to experience from top to bottom, every step of the process it takes…to get customers their product, and I have a gained a whole new respect for the extremely influential role that each and every one of them play in the final product. At the same time, the Lindner United Team and myself have been hard at work putting the final touches on the preparations for the World Pork Expo activities and displays, and trust me – you’re going to need to stop at the booth to see what all we have to offer!

In the upcoming week, I will be hitting the road with Account Manager, Ty Engnell! I’m sure my mind will be spinning like a guinea pig’s exercise wheel, with all the knowledge Ty has to offer! We will be visiting with various distributors, dealers, and customers in Illinois and Wisconsin to see how Lindner United products are working for them, and to see how we can better serve our customers. In the week following, the LU team will be headed to Des Moines, Iowa for the 2017 World Pork Expo! We truly are excited for this first class event and cannot wait to see so many friends and customers. And hopefully we make contact with new customers at our booth to see how we can help them with their projects.

Thank you for taking time to read through this! I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Holiday weekend, as we remember those who have sacrificed it all for our freedom!

Jared Lamle