Busy, an Understatement.

Wow, what a whirlwind the past two weeks have been! From spending a week at the World Pork Expo, to traveling on the road making dealer and farm visits, busy sure has been an understatement!

Two weeks ago, like so many others, I loaded up and headed to Des Moines for expo. As soon as I stepped out of my truck, in World Pork Expo fashion, I was immediately hit by the dense heat and humidity. But would it really be expo if it was cold?

I never truly knew how much time and effort went into the preparations for an event like this, to make it go successfully. After setting up the tent on Sunday evening, I was confident that it would be a very good week where the Lindner Team would be able to meet so many customers and hopefully bring in new customers as well! The tent was very busy throughout the week with several questions about the Lindner products for new customers, as well as t-shirt , bucket and even ice cream give aways. Thank you to everyone that stopped by the NEW Lindner location outside the swine barn, and I look forward to hearing from many of you in the future, and the success that you will have utilizing Lindner products.

I also want to congratulate all exhibitors on a successful week, and remind you to upload your success and backdrop photos that you may have onto our website. Please do this so we can showcase your success, and send you additional rewards!

After expo, I traveled back to Indiana for a quick recuperation day before getting back after it for the work week. I met up with account manager Jordan Leatherman at Jake’s Feed in Valparaiso, Indiana. From there Joe and Christina Blackford took us around to 17 different customer’s farms to view their hogs, and give them feeding suggestions to better their project’s performance. After being chased by the pop up showers all day, at our final stop, they finally caught up with us. Even though we were slightly dampened by the rain, the things that I learned throughout the day certainly made up for it! Thank you to Jordan for showing me some of the ropes, and thank you to Joe and Christina for taking us to these customer’s homes.

From there I hopped in my truck and headed to Taylor, Missouri to make a stop at the Heimer Hampshires establishment to see how Lindner United products are working for them. After touring around the operation, I was extremely impressed with the quality that is represented. Top to bottom, baby pigs to boars, truly was a great time. My favorite part of my visit was viewing the females that will be in the upcoming “The ones that Built The Brand, proven sow sale”. When I was asked, “What bred sows do you like?” my only response was, “Which ones don’t I like?!” I highly recommend viewing these elite female and sires in this offering. Again, a huge thank you to Jesse and the HH crew for the hospitality and for showing me around, I truly appreciate it!

This next week I will be heading to Colorado to meet up with account manager Kade Hummel and making dealer and farm visits with him in the area. I am very excited about this opportunity to further my Lindner product knowledge, and make new connections along the way. Again as always, I thank you for taking the time to read this and look forward to the upcoming weeks at Lindner United!

Jared Lamle