Thank You!

Wow. What a summer it has been. This opportunity has been the most unbelievable experience I have ever had, and for that, I thank the crews at Lindner United and United Animal Health for this incredible experience!

The past two weeks have been very busy as my time as the 2017 Lindner United intern came to a close. Between sending out multiple packages to dealers I had spoken to, to packaging up rewards submissions from numerous winners that have been fed Lindner United, I managed to stay busy.

As I wrapped up my final week, I was fortunate enough to spend it at the great Indiana State Fair. There is no other place and event quite like it, and it truly was a great time. While there, I was able to help the Certified Indiana Bred program where they gave $68,000 in rewards to Indiana bred hogs. Truly is a great program for the kids, and gives so much more incentive to buy hogs raised in that great state. Additionally, congratulations to Lindner United customers who found success, and the best of luck to the customers and gilt exhibitors who move in this week, and breeding hogs in the following week.

Again, this summer has been incredible. I am not sure if the thanks can actually be put into words, as so much is owed to so many for this opportunity. Some special thank you remarks are well deserved, however.

To the entire Lindner United crew: Taylor, Jordan, Kade, Mike, Ty and Zach. Thank you so much for taking me in on the team and giving me so much knowledge, wise words of wisdom and the patience towards me, mean so much. The skills I’ve gained will aid me to being successful no matter where I go in life. Two words can’t be said enough. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To the customers, dealers and people who I’ve had the opportunity to meet this summer, it is ultimately because of you that I got to do what I did this summer, and made it so enjoyable. To you, I thank you so much.

As I bring this to a close, to everyone that has helped me along the way, given me a chance and believed in me. I thank you. I am extremely excited to get back to Western Illinois University in two weeks for my final year, and cannot wait to see what the future has in store.


Jared Lamle