INTRODUCING: Featured Dealer Blog Series!! Get to know our Lindner United dealers!

Lindner United is excited to begin this blog series, and hope it will give you an inside look at who are dealers are, where they are located, and why they enjoy using and selling Lindner United feed. We will update this blog regularly, so stay tuned for new dealer posts each week!!

Today’s Featured Dealer: Scott Dean with S&D Genetics

Location: Lisco, NE 69148

What Lindner Products do you carry?

We carry the Lindner United complete feed line, the basemixes, as well as the supplements.

What do you like about the Lindner feed program?

Lindner provides the best feeding program for our farm and customers. The Lindner program is simple yet impactful, covering all of our needs and producing champions. In our corner of the country, side-by-side feeding trials have shown time after time that with Lindner we are using less additives and less types of feed to achieve the look of a champion on a regular basis.

What is your favorite Lindner product? Why?

The easy answer to this is Scudd Missile, solely because there is no other product on the market that honestly compares to it. Over the past few years of feeding Lindner, my favorite product has become 685/684. This is the best 16% feed on the market that adds the cover and body that a 16% should.

Tell us a little about your own showpig operation:

S&D Genetics is home to 60 sows, all directed at show pig production, located at the base of the Sandhills in Western Nebraska. Our sow herd consists of Yorkshire, Duroc, Berkshire, and Crossbred females. We have selected these ladies in order to produce consistent litters, with winning results. Our mission is to give our customers an experience unlike most; we are along for the ride, good or bad, help when we can, and give advice when needed. We definitely enjoy winning, don’t get me wrong, but the customers are the heart of our operation and something that we will never lose sight of.

S&D Genetics will have a sale this coming Saturday, April 5th so be sure to check out it!!

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