630 TRANSITION STAGE: Read Travis Platt's thoughts on the Lindner United 630 Products!

Travis Platt is a firm believer in the Lindner United program, and uses a lot of 630 products. Read the below question and answers to see how and why he likes using the 630’s in his feeding program.

1) Describe how you incorporate 631, 632, and 633 into the Platt Showpigs feeding program:

“630 is the third stage in our program. When the pigs are around 50 pounds, we switch them from 612 to the 630’s. We run the 630 stage on them for another 25-50 pounds. After the 630 stage, we then move to the 670 products.”

2) Do you ever go back to the 630 stage after being on the 670 products? If so, why?

“Sometimes we go back to the 630’s (after being on the 670’s) to pop some shape back into our jackpot hogs.”

3) What do you like about the 630 products?

“Young pigs flat eat and consume the 630’s, and do not go backwards like many people talk on third stage feeds. They maintain bloom and shape on this product, yet are not too hard in their muscle, which makes them easy to sell. I also like the fact that you can get this feed in a meal or pellet version, and we feed both of them. ”